Knockout Home Remedy for Sore Throat, Cold and Sinus Infection


How to Get Rid of Sinusitis

Learn how to treat sinus infections naturally and make natural remedy for cold and sore throat problems.

The upper respiratory infections are contagious and this amazing home remedy might be the one you need to knock them off. Discover here a mother’s tale in battling respiratory system infections.

I’m a mother to two boys—both below the age of 7—and as everyone knows, these are the ages where you’re practically convinced that they’re allergic to staying at home. No matter what I do, they always catch a bad bug at least once or twice a year, especially during the summer months, and it eventually spreads to everyone else in the house. Whether it’s a simple case of the sniffles, a really sore throat, or an infection that would otherwise keep us in bed for days, the dreaded bug is a near constant and overstaying visitor in our home.

Doctor’s appointments aren’t always an option, and prescription medicine is an even bigger no-no. I want to keep my family as healthy as they can in the most natural way and that’s where home remedies like The Knockout Remedy are a godsend.

As all internet-savvy moms are won’t to do nowadays, I scoured dozens of blogs hoping to find a homemade remedy that’s quick, easy, effective, and won’t break the bank. I hit the jackpot with Melissa’s special The Knockout Remedy and here’s why: It meets all my requirements! (Big bonus points for the wake-me-up taste. It might be a bit difficult for those who don’t like sour food and drink, but it’s definitely worth trying.)

Easy and Safe Ingredients

The Knockout Remedy only requires 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 2 tablespoons of organic, raw apple cider vinegar. Yes, that’s completely it! You won’t believe how many so-called “easy” home remedies I’ve come across that included ingredients with names I didn’t recognize (or couldn’t even pronounce!) and a list that was longer than Santa’s Naughty List.

Quick Recipe
You don’t need fancy equipment for this awesome remedy. I also tend to be a bit messy in the kitchen so I’m really glad that I can greatly minimize the wreckage with how easy this is. All I have to do is combine the three ingredients and heat them in the microwave for around 10 seconds. After stirring, it’s bottom’s up! Melissa recommended a daily dose to get best results and I must say—it’s definitely effective. I make sure to dilute it with water when I drink it regularly though, to avoid allowing the acidic content of the drink to break down my teeth’s enamel.

Effective Ingredients
Lemon juice is just positively brimming with vitamin C and we all know that that’s a must for getting rid of the common cold. Honey is also especially great for fighting infection and treating problems with your digestion. Best of all has got to be the raw apple cider vinegar though. It’s used in practically all of the natural remedies you can think of because it’s the miracle ingredient that can heal you (plus, I use it as shampoo and it keeps my hair looking and feeling great). I use all of these ingredients separately for many different reasons, so it just makes sense that combining them makes for the 1-2 killer punch to knock out those dang infections! Thank you so much for the fantastic remedy.

This knockout home remedy for sore throat, packs with extraordinary ingredients such as fresh lemon juice, organic honey and organic, raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar, will also knock out any cold or upper respiratory infection.

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  1. Silly question, but can you take this while pregnant? I’m 22 weeks but have been fighting a terrible URI for two weeks now, I even had to go to the Dr (something I do NOT like doing) they gave me a shot and penicillin and they aren’t working, I have too much to do to feel like this! Haha. I have a five year old daughter also who is the embodiment of energy. Please and thank you! Sara

  2. I use this same recipe except I add it to a small coffee cup of hot water. It’s my “tea” when I’ve got a case of the crud. Works great! My kids don’t care for it but I’ve found that if I sweeten a little more with honey, they’ll take it more willingly.

  3. Try putting the vinegar, lemon juice and honey in just tap water with apple juice to make 6-8 oz of liquid. The apple juice smooth’s the tartness and I don’t believe it would affect the positive effect of the original recipe unless there is something about adding the apple juice that I don’t know.

  4. just bought it at Walmart, and immediately got sick. Day 1, and all it did was make my stomach feel nasty. I’ll try it again tomorrow, though, and see if it starts helping. It didn’t relieve my throat either. Fisherman’s Friend cough drops were better for that. (Look at Walmart, Dollar Tree, or pharmacy)

  5. I just did this and it kind of burned going down. I just began to feel crappy last night. Can you do this a few times a day or more? Thanks!

  6. I’ve used this formula for YEARS! It does work but I had to sip on it all day. I found that adding Lemon Essential oil along with gargling with one drop of Thieves Essential Oil knocks out my throat and sinus issues within the hour. I also apply the Thieves topically as we as diffusing through out the day. Weber State did a study that proved diffusing Thieves had a 99% kill rate on air born pathogens. I’m one of those humans that said, “OK, I love natural, non-toxic alternatives, let’s see if it will help.” And I am thankful I did. My family thanks me, too!

  7. Hi there,

    I followed your instructions and had my boyfriend try this remedy for his sore throat. However, I forgot to heat up the mixture for 10 seconds… It should still work right?

  8. This is a fabulous recipe for the throat, especially for singers! And the best honey to use is local honey. I have an outlet for this, as my dad is a bee keeper; and the extra properties of the local honey regarding allergies is awesome! I agree the microwave can kill the good properties of the honey. I don’t add the honey until after I heat the other ingredients and it is best not to get it too hot…besides you don’t want it too hot to drink! I am a singer, and this is my go-to drink any day I have to sing!

  9. I use apple cider vinegar daily during flu season! I have experimented with it a little and the ONLY thing that cuts the nasty flavor is pineapple juice. You don’t even need the lemon if you use pineapple juice. I never heat it either. Just plug your nose and down the hatch! It has kept me well through two bouts of family flu sweeping through our house in the last three months and helped me pass a ginormous kidney stone after the doctor told me I needed surgery to remove it! This is a remedy for acid reflux, as well! My typical mix is 2 Tbsp. of Bragg’s ACV (with the mother) mixed with at least an equal amount of 100% pineapple juice. I always take a swig of pineapple juice as a chaser, too! It is my miracle tonic!

  10. My dad drank this remedy for at least 60 years every morning…….yes, 60 years! He never got sick with sinus, colds, throat issues, etc. God bless him he lived to 94!!!!

  11. To each their own, but I don’t understand why vinegar is so objectionable. It plays a big part in Italian dressing and pickles and people like those.

    Anyway, I used to drink it in a double shot of water without the honey (I’ll just take a spoonful of that separately) until I found V-8 Spicy Mango. Oh man!! I’d drink that with a shot of vinegar just for pleasure. It is SO GOOD this way! Again, I’ll do my honey separately from any vinegar drink.

  12. This Knock Out Remedy absolutely works! I add a little cayenne and ground ginger because I am a bit sadistic. I do mix it with just enough boiling water to get the honey off the spoon and to make the mixture nice and warm. I do not recommend putting this in the microwave. As simple and quick as this remedy is, there is no sign of the brewing to be nasty cold that tried to jump on me Thursday/Friday. Today is Saturday. Cheap, easy to make and effective! Can’t get better than that!

    • People have different effects with these remedy. It may not work for you in one night but it will really help you fight them off.

  13. I used this combo and added crushed garlic. It’s gross but I ate a tablespoon an hr of this mix for 3 days and it cured my throat and infection. It will upset your stomach alittle each time but it’s a cheaper and healthier alternative to medicine and drs. Especially for me as I do not have health care. This remedy can be found on several sites and has had great success.